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I have 2 books out now and a 3rd book Reboot, Reclaim, and Refocus Nutrition coming in 2022:  4th book should be available near  the beginning of 2023.     WOOHOO!

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Connecting Poetry 

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Connecting Poetry is the 1st book in the Holistic Collaboration series.  Sherry is an experienced Holistic Health Doctor, Hypnotherapist, Medical/Spiritual Intuitive, and Reiki Master Teacher. The poetry and definition sections are packed with an adaptable and loving way of thinking and living.  It teaches how a person can reconnect with their own ability to communicate and get guidance from energy/spirit. 

The Movement Connection

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The Movement Connection is an exercise and stretching routine for people that have injuries or are pregnant.  If someone gets through life without body damage they likely lived a boring life.  Mine has been far from boring and these are what I do to keep moving!  Follow them in order and in no time you have a memorized routine that can be done anywhere without equipment.  No excuses: Move it!

     Reboot, Reclaim and              Refocus Nutrition

A real conversation about energetic and physical nutrition. 

           (Coming  January 2023)

A practical and real approach to feeding our incredible energetic and physical bodies.  We are 90% energy and both the physical and energetic bodies must be properly fed.  This book covers how our world influences the lack of nutrition and what you can do to move past this and be the healthiest at every level!

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NOTE:  Use the color via blanket, sheet, or even cloths for clients or yourself; and sound the musical note to vibrate throughout your energy to enhance healing and balancing of these areas (Instruments or Tuning Forks are excellent choices).

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