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                                   COACHING, TRAINING, and WORKSHOPS:

Designed to be extremely informative, fun, and to provide students with a ton of knowledge and techniques to enhance their personal well-being, relationships, and professional lives.   These are designed to transform people into a newer state of being and living.   Classes highly personalized for life-altering results and designed to aid a person in connecting with the Divine for guidance, healing, and truth-seeking!  Come back into the amazingly powerful Being you already are!

Thank you so much for being a part of my path!  I am most grateful and appreciative of what we will learn from each other.  See you soon!  Sherry  

Energy and the Entrepreneur              Zoom Workshop

               1 1/2 hour - $35
Thursday - April 28, 2022 at    2:00 pm Mountain Time


Wednesday - May 11, 2022 at     4:00 pm Mountain Time


Saturday - May 14, 2022 at    11:00 am Mountain Time


Everything is 90% energy.  Ever be so excited and all of a sudden, BOOM, the rug gets pulled out?  Leaving you dazed and confused!  Or you are on top of it all and some horrible disruptive disaster strikes? 

This workshop is designed for everyone:

.  Streamline what a business leader needs to know to understand why and how energy works

.  Why and what to do when the darker forces hit and why this happens and how to avoid

.  Why fear-based selling repels the important and influential client you need 

.  The difficult client/employee

Learn the tricks and tips on how to avoid and, if needed, how counter all of these!

Don't waste your hard work by not understanding how the natural balance of energy impacts you, your business and your life!

The 1st hour is packed full of information and tips; the last half hour is for questions and answers.

        Personalized Divine                Communication/Psychic             Development Workshop 

 1 hour weekly-6 months  $750
 (Private One-on-one Zoom Class )

This is a private, highly individualized, 6 month, one-on-one workshop for developing a variety of intuition skills. These many approaches are designed for your specific needs and abilities.    Perfect for beginner to advanced. 

Please call or email to setup.     
Zoom link will be sent via email



         Holistic Collaboration                  Intense Reiki Training

Includes Material 

Minimum of 3 students

Reiki 1 - 8 hours - $225 each student

Reiki 2 - 8 hours - $225 each student

Reiki Master - 6 hours - each student - $225.00 each student

Reiki Teacher, previously my student - additional 2 hours after Master class - $75 each student

Reiki Teacher trained by someone else - additional 3 hours $100 each student

These evolved Reiki classes go beyond what others teach.  They include a variety of healing and spiritual techniques used in Eastern, Tribal, and Western approaches.  

The Teacher

Reiki is a proven ancient form of moving, clearing, and balancing energy.   

Must be arranged with me via phone or email:



Soul-Powering Coaching

                   2 hours for 48 weeks $13,500
An intense, fun, and fully individualized coaching for massive transformation.  It is a process designed for reconnecting to guidance, common sense, and regaining wisdom in business or life! 
.  A variety of techniques/approaches                
.  Healing techniques for self and life
.  Forms of proven problem solving 
.  Self sufficiency for energy and physical health
.  Skills to determine truth for yourself
.  Numerous forms of Divine communication
.  Numbers as a Universal Language
.  Understanding the different personality parts
.  Taking the struggle out of life
. Human behavior and challenging personalities 
.  Intense intuitive development
.  Relationship with self and others
.  Skills to maintain calm in any situation
.  Energetic understanding and self-protection skills
.  Nutrition for body and soul
.  Manifestation skills
.  Quieting the mind, being present
.  Unseen life here and in our Universe
.  Lessen suffering
.  Self-hypnosis and meditation skills
This class is not limited to the above and includes any service and much more. 
Schedule via phone or email:




Sherry:  Our experience with Sherry Bainbridge was during the funeral/memorial service of my sister.  This was an unexpected death and hard on her children, family, and friends. Sherry came to the funeral and wake.  We sat down privately, and Sherry provided details of my sisters
presence.  She shared things that there is no way she could have known.  Sherry confirmed that our many choices for the funeral were spot-on, and this was most comforting. Sherry also picked up on my sister’s humor! Sherry has a knack for inserting just the right amount of humor; laugher truly is healing. In addition, there was no cause of death or sickness; Sherry explained what happened in great detail.  Her statements were confirmed and verified by the coroner a few weeks later.  Sherry was very comforting and gave some closure to my sister’s family and friends. I believe my sister, through Sherry, was guiding us all gently into the process of grieving.  Thank you, Sherry, you are truly gifted and genuine. Kathryn K. Thornton, Colorado
Thank you Sherry:  I highly recommend a reading with Holistic Collaboration from Dr. Sherry Bainbridge.  There is nothing phony about this woman and her insanely accurate intuitive and psychic ability.  She not only mentioned things about my personal life, health, and family members, but gave insight to my career that was beyond helpful!!!  she knew things, no one else would know, bringing me to tears and helped bring peace to my lift.  I can't thank her enough!!  She is the most accepting and compassionate person I have ever met.  Sherry somehow manages to discuss even the most sensitive of subjects with kindness, humor and love.  Looking forward to our next reading - this will be my 4th!! 5 stars!! J Cole, Phoenix, AZ
Sherry: I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the hypnotherapy session. It was truly a life-changing experience. 😊 Thank you for introducing me to the Angels and for being part of my healing journey. Love, Laura B. Aurora, Colorado
Hello Sherry: It was an extremely powerful meeting with you today. Having been trained in “the hard sciences”, I was very skeptical of the holistic approach. Well, as you said, while laughing, you are very stubborn – quite right! However, you have managed to do that which people have attempted to do for decades.  I am energized, clear and very happy. Your demeanor, intelligence, and compassion are greatly appreciated. I am going to follow your instructions explicitly and live a better life. In conclusion, I am looking forward to our next session. Once again, thank you Sherry. Best regards. Jim F., Aurora, Colorado
I met Sherry at an intensive Reiki weekend seminar and knew she was special the first time I saw her. I knew I just had to have a reading after learning how gifted she is. Her energy is so positive and contagious. Everyone just wanted to be her best friend. She told me some things that no one had ever told me about my son (that I knew were true), and some really insightful things about my mother that I found very comforting. Most of all, Sherry made me laugh and made me forget about my everyday “normal” life. She made me feel good about myself and that I had a lot to offer this planet. Sherry is very gifted and has a great deal to offer those who give her a chance. I can’t wait to read her upcoming books! Donna S.; Kremlin, Colorado
Sherry Bainbridge: Many thank you’s for the terrific Hypnotherapy and Reiki healing sessions I had with you! An old, unsightly scar on my leg cleared up shortly after the first session. Unsightly, discolorations around my ankles have entirely cleared up, and my dry hands have returned to looking younger and smoother. Please let me know if you are ever in the Los Angeles, California, area. You’re Great! Pat S.; Los Angeles, California
Thank you, Sherry! Six months ago, you did a hypnosis treatment for my severe acid reflux. For thirty years, I have suffered weekly and sometimes daily with this. Doctors had suggested surgery. I was very skeptical, and after discussing my situation with you, I felt comfortable enough to try hypnosis. I am so glad that I chose you and this alternative treatment. For the past six months, I have not had one episode. You are truly a skilled professional. I cannot thank you enough. W.B.; Idaho Falls, Idaho
Again, Thank you Sherry: Five months ago, I was rushed to the hospital, an MRI showed two kidney stones. One already released from the left kidney and the other is about to be released from the right kidney. The Doctors assured me that the stones would painfully pass; there simply was no other alternative I was willing to do with the doctors. I made an appointment with Sherry. She suggested a specific tea for me to drink that evening and did a Reiki treatment on me. Before meeting Sherry, I had no idea what Reiki was. The treatment was very relaxing and an unforgettable experience. I anxiously waited for the stones to pass, and wondered, each time I used the bathroom, if this was the time. Week after week passed, and no stones. After 6 weeks, I still had not passed a single stone. The Kidney Stones completely disappeared. So again, Thank you Sherry! W.B., Idaho Falls, Idaho
Sherry: Thank you for the amazing Hypnotherapy experience. I was blown away that I was able to go to a past life so easily. I clearly saw! After two life’s you then brought me to a future life where I saw my clinic. I have debated over and over whether to proceed with this idea or continue with my practice. Thank you for putting up a television screen where I could see the companies that will be helping me make this happen. This was an incredible experience; thank you so very much. You are a gift and I hope people appreciate what you have to offer is genuine and healing. Thank you. Carol W., Chicago, Illinois
Sherry: Thank you so much for the several appointments I made. I specifically came to town to see you. My experience with you has been life-altering. You set me on a path of healing and joy that I did not think possible. Thank you for not wasting my time by requiring appointment after appointment like so many others. I will follow your instruction completely and will do the reading and work you listed. This is exciting, and I cannot wait to see what you do in the future! Thank you, sweet lady, Andy M, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Dear Sherry: I never thought it possible to quit smoking so easily. You have my highest gratitude. You session was powerful and I really liked that you included nutrition, environment and gave me a heads up as to how others would react to this healthier choice. I listened to audio every day for a week and then one more time a week later. I cannot believe how easy it became. Most offer many sessions and hundreds and hundreds of dollars. Thank you for respecting my wallet and my time. Blessings always, Dan M., Idaho Falls, Idaho
Sherry: I just had to send a not to say thank you. You did a long-distant Reiki healing on me. I am sorry I did not pick up on the rash on the back of my knee you kept asking about. It is much better now. You were spot on when it came to all my physical issues, and your remedies have been making a noticeable difference. Thank you for your kindness and patience. You are amazing! Jennifer T., Jacksonville, Florida
Sherry: I cannot believe how we met. As a bartender, I am usually the one giving advice and helping others. You immediately picked up on my son and nailed his health issues. I will be forever grateful. He is getting the help he needs and responding well. Thank you. Debbie W., Scottsdale, Arizona
Sherry and I met at hypnotherapy training. She did readings on many of the students, and they all commented the same, so I thought I would try also. She said exactly the same things Sylvia Browne said when I had a reading with her. I did not believe this was possible but everyone kept repeating the same accolades. I watched as you skillfully used hypnosis and knew you were headed for bigger things. Congratulations on your new business. I just had to write a review because I find your skills amazing. Thank you. Jason D., New York City, New York
Sherry: I cannot believe your incredible shills. You came to my house and not only rid me of 3 attached Beings (a fantastic experience) but the spirits you moved-on from my house have not returned. Many have tried over and over to rid these mischievous spirits but non have succeeded. I even had a lady refuse to have anything else to do with me because these were so difficult. You were professional, genuine, and the experience was exactly as you said: A loving and forgiving encounter. No more mischief going on in my home. I am relieved to say the least. From the depths of my heart, I thank you! Cindy G., Colorado Springs, Colorado  
Dr. Bainbridge:  Never did I think someone could actually help me stop smoking.  I have smoked for over 25 years and figured I would die with a cigarette in my mouth.  My session with you was amazing.  You gave me all the tools I needed to succeed and I did.  You changed my life in one appointment.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Ray S., Idaho Falls, ID