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Sherry Bainbridge PhD,  Divine Connection Specialist

 Facilitating Divine Connections for healing, joy, guidance, living and truth seeking!


Holistic Collaboration® with Sherry Bainbridge PhD:   I am a Divine Connection Specialist aiding people here in the physical form and those in energetic form to heal and safely move-forward.  Both formal and self educated, I combine Eastern, Western, and Tribal healing and spiritual philosophies. I use a variety of proven techniques to help others reconnect with the Divine in determining truth, healing, and to regain the art of joyful flourishing.  This brings about a healthier, more joyful, and more in-tuned life that returns you to the drivers seat!  
Feeling lost?  That life is not flowing easily?  Or maybe you have energy attachments disrupting your physical health, unwanted thoughts, sleep struggles, attracting unwanted people or events, or maybe an unsettling home environment?  There is life upon life upon  life, and human beings are just one aspect of the existence here.  I share physical and spiritual tools through classes, consultations, hypnosis, or readings that help to restore health and teach ways in how to better understand the past, present, and future so you can maneuver here more effectively.  Teaching how to recognize and use your unique Divine Communication abilities.  Together we can greatly evolve our experiences along with the love and the light worldwide.
Join in and be apart of the change!  I believe in YOU!  Do you?  

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Meet Sherry

My life is beautifully altered since incorporating Eastern, Western, and Tribal healing and spiritual philosophies from different areas of the world. My goal is to share, with love and kindness, what I have learned that has enhanced my soul beyond what I ever thought possible.  The classes, events, and services are to aid others in stepping back on their path and getting reconnected to the many forms of Divine communication within each of us.  This lends to healing, a better understanding others, ourselves, our world, and opens doors for accurately determining guidance and truth!  Laughter is absolutely one of the keys so let’s make sure to have a lot of fun and joy along the way!  Divine Love, Everyone

Services Introduction

Featured Services:

Consultation - Online or By Phone

Holistic Health Consultation

1 hour 30 min | 65.00 USD

A variety of physical and spiritual  Techniques/Growth/Knowledge towards healing physically, spiritually.  This session also helps to aid in overcoming resistance to living with joy and peace. Reconnecting the client to their best forms of divine communication and guidance is also part of this session.  Please specify the reason for this appointment so that I can properly prepare. Thank you

Feel free to record!


Hypnotherapy - Online or In Home

Hypnotherapy Past Life/Attached Being Removal - Audio Provided

3 hours | 325.00 USD

Go into several past lives for healing today and let’s remove any attached being that is interfering with growth and health.  This is very common and occurs if an individual has some reason for not moving on after death.  The being then attaches to the same areas that they struggled with in life.  These attachments can affect our energy which hurts health. This is a very loving and kind experience for both.  The life story the being shares and why it attached is simply mind-blowing. 

An audio of the session is provided but not guaranteed.  


Hypnotherapy - Online or In Home

Past Life Progression/Regression - Audio Provided

2 hours 30 min | 299.00 USD

General healing; meet your celestial team (Guardian, Angels, and Healing Guide for those in healing); go into the future; experience past life or several lives all the way through the death and onto the other side.  While on the other side there is time to spend with others and ask questions, we will close the session with successful and proven statements to carry with you and aid in daily life healing and goals.

Audio provided but not guaranteed.


Reiki Treatment Referral:

1 hour - $115   1 1/3 hour - 165.00 USD

Reiki is an ancient Japanese art form of moving energy.  An alternative medicine that is transferred through the palms to the client located anywhere.  It balances energy and the physical body harmonizing all to encourage emotional, physical, and spiritual healing.

I recommend that you schedule with Jaitee Spencer-Partlow for a session.  She is trained in the Holistic Collaboration Reiki Training Program and will begin teaching this advanced form in January, 2022.

Location:  7700 E Araphahoe Rd, Suite 320, Centennial, CO  80112

Schedule directly with Jaitee via phone or email:



Hypnotherapy - Online

General Hypnotherapy -  Online - Audio Provided

2 hours 30 min | 299.00 USD

General healing involves meeting your celestial team, balancing the energy system and the physical body and to focus on what you most wish to create in your life:    Weight loss/maintenance, Focus, Stop-Smoking, Rid Fears, Alter Thinking and whatever is holding you back in succeeding with your goals. 

Audio is provided so you can repeat the session as often as you wish.  No need for multiple appointments!!  


Tarot Readings - In-Person

Tarot Party Readings

5 Hours | 100.00 USD Deposit

1 hour Host reading prepaid at $100 and $65 each guest (paid at time of party) for 20 min each.  Up to 10 guests.  Get ready to have a lot of fun and lots of laughter.  These are so much fun!!!  

Feel free to record!  Tips are accepted.  


Tarot Readings - Online or Phone

Intuitive / Tarot Readings 

Mini Reading ½ hour $100

Regular 1 ½ hours $300

Tarot was designed before the written word.  It was meant to aid people in better understanding the different facets of themselves and how each affects the other.  These are fun, accurate, and full of information specific to the client.  This is a loving and fun experience.  Health and Divine growth recommendations are often apart of this reading.  


  Astro Numerology Report

Printout sent via Email | $125

This is a detailed printout sent to you via email that touches on your Astrology, Chinese approach, and provides a very detailed Numerology Report. It can clue a person into areas that sabotage and talents you may not even know you have. Usually 8-12 pages in length. this requires your name, birthdate, place of birth, and time of birth if known.  

Numerology is a Universal mathematical language that clarifies energetic creation and timing which manifests in the physical.  Governments, Businesses, Military, and Individuals use Numerology to aid at many levels.   

Arrange via Phone or Email:



Public Speaking Events must be scheduled by contacting me directly via phone or email:



         Speaking Events:

May 24, 2022       6:00 - 8:00 pm

Community and Cocktails Health and Wellness - Colorado Springs, CO
Location to be announced closer to event. 


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