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Sherry Bainbridge PhD, Divine Connection Specialist

Author, Holistic Health Dr., Hypnotherapist, Intuitive, Reiki Master, Speaker, YouTuber

Trained in Eastern, Tribal, and Western healing and spiritual philosophies around the world. 
Life is all about LOVE!!!
Feeling lost, a bit beat up by life, or maybe struggling with health issues. Unwanted energy attachments or karmic connections can cause unwanted thoughts, sleep struggles, undesirable people or events that cause unsettling home and work environments.
Dr. Bainbridge is a registered psychotherapist and has mastered dozens of proven ways to healing and health. Learn how to:
. Skillfully combine different approaches as needed
. Move quickly and simply towards your goals
. Receive a real and workable plan for improving life
. Regain a sense of direction and simplify challenging situations
. Get rid of past limiting beliefs and behaviors
. Reconnect spiritually and explode your understanding of
the guidance that is available to us all!
Choose a service or class to change your life and the world!
Life is all about learning, love, and passion! Want some?
My life is beautifully improved since including Eastern, Tribal, and Western healing and spiritual philosophies. IT SAVED MY LIFE from a horrible cancer and helps me thrive regardless of many life-altering injuries. In fact the medical doctors cannot find anyone in the world that have done what I have done! My goal is to share, what I know to help others the way I have been helped. Life is not meant to be so hard. But a person needs guidance to get there. I love you all so much that whatever I can share to help, I will with kindness, humor, and love. Lighten your struggles and schedule a service and/or speaking event today!!! Divine Love, Everyone
Igniting Divine healing, joy, guidance, living, truth seeking, and wisdom!
Lighten your struggles and schedule a Service or Coaching today!!! 

Hypnotherapy - Online or In Home

Hypnotherapy for Stop-Smoking and Weight-Loss or Maintenance

2 hours $350.00 USD - Audio Provided


Both of these sessions are highly successful. It is a Holistic approach that includes the necessary detailed changes and how to deal with:

. Living situation

. Relationships

. Nutritional changes

. Body support

. Thinking Considerations

Audio download for personal use is provided but not guaranteed. This way you can repeat the session as needed. There has never been a need to have a 2nd or more appointments. My success rate is 98% assuming 1% are not being honest.

Hypnotherapy - Online or In Home

Hypnotherapy Past Life/Attached Being Removal - Audio Provided

2 hours 350.00 USD - Audio Provided


Go into several past lives for healing today and let’s remove any attached being that is interfering with growth and health. This is very common and occurs if an individual has some reason for not moving on after death. The being then attaches to the same areas that they struggled with in life. These attachments can affect our energy which hurts health. This is a very loving and kind experience for both. The life story the being shares and why it attached is simply mind-blowing.

Audio download for personal use is provided but not guaranteed.

Hypnotherapy - Online or In Home

Hypnotherapy Future and/or Past Life

2 hours 350.00 USD - Audio Provided


General healing; meet your celestial team (Guardian, Angels, and Healing Guide for those in healing); go into the future; experience past lives or several lives all the way through the death and onto the other side. While on the other side there is time to spend with others and ask questions, we will close the session with successful and proven statements to carry with you and aid in daily life healing and goals.

Audio download for personal use is provided but not guaranteed.

Hypnotherapy - Online or In Home

General Hypnotherapy

2 hours $300.00 - Audio Provided


Hypnosis is a proven and powerful technique in properly skilled hands. This general session is fun and aids in meeting goals of many kinds and more:

. Meet your Celestial Team

. Balancing Energy and Physical

. Focus for Higher Performance

. Ease Anxieties/Phobias

. Controlling anger

. Sleep

. Goal Success

An Audio (not guaranteed) is provided so you can repeat the session as needed! No need for multiple appointments.


Astro-Numerology Report $95.00 (regularly $125)

Astro Numerology Report

Printout sent via Email

Set-up via Phone or Email:



A detailed printout (12-15 pages) sent to you via email that shares your Astrology, Chinese approach, and provides a very detailed Numerology Report that includes singular and plural numbers. For just a few, it can clue a person into:

. Areas of self-sabotage

. Important Healing Needs

. Areas to improve for advancement

. Talents yet undiscovered

. Personality qualities

. Relationship compatibility

. GREAT GIFT for many occasions

Usually 8-12 pages in length. this requires your name, birthdate, place of birth, and time of birth if known.

Governments, Businesses, Military, and Individuals use Numerology to increase success at many levels.

      Tarot Readings - Online or Phone

Intuitive / Medium / Tarot Readings

Mini Reading ½ hour $100.00


Regular 1 ½ hours $300.00


There are many forms of Divine communication and guidance. I have been doing readings of all kinds all my life. They are designed for:

. Healing and connecting

. To improve life and direction

. Are fun and full of information

. A loving and delightful experience

. Increases health and Divine growth

. Recommendations to consider are often apart of these reading

Feel free to record the session.


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